The first pots

We had a fun Thursday evening trying out the new glazes and three different designs of biscuit ware. The "Stroke & Coat" glazes are really easy to use, and should hopefully produce some good results. The photo below shows the pieces in their intermediate stage, with finished colour but no clear glaze applied. Jo tried a number of techniques for applying the glaze including sponging (to get the dappled effect on the crab mug background) as well as diluting the glaze and swirling it around the inside of the mug to get a smooth even colour.  Flora and Harriet also tried their hand, creating detailed patterns on the 20cm plate and experimenting with the shades of blue glaze for the Dolphin mug.

The pieces were dipped in clear glaze on Saturday and then fired on Sunday morning.  Fresh out of the kiln on Monday morning and here are the results!  The colours are really good, and they have a nice smoooth finish.

Flora's plate

All three finished pieces