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Evo-Stik Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty 50g
£ 13.37 £ 13.37 13.370000000000001 GBP
6 x 50g Evo-Stik Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty. Suitable for fixing towel rails, repairing exhaust pipes, stopping leaks in radiators, welding pipes together or filling around the outside of a tap. A strong waterproof fast setting epoxy putty that is designed for long lasting repairs; there is no need to drain the system prior to use as it can be applied to wet or damp surfaces and will even set undr water.. Easy and accurate to mix - simply cut off the required amount and mix the putty; can be moulded into any shaperequired; can be sanded, machined, stained, drilled and painted once dried. Sets in 10 minutes & fully cured within 1 hour. Once set it is as hard as steel!. Bonds to copper, brass, steel, aluminium, fibre glass, glass, hard plastics, wood and much more
Polycell Fine Surface Polyfilla 500g Tub
£ 8.48 £ 8.48 8.48 GBP
The easy way to fill fine cracks up to 2mm, minor blemishes or wood grain for a professional, glass smooth surface for painting
SupaDec High Performance Expanding Foam 500ml
£ 5.79 £ 5.79 5.79 GBP
Fills big gaps, insulates and bonds.
Everbuild Fix & Fill Expanding Foam 750ML
£ 9.12 £ 9.12 9.120000000000001 GBP
Quick setting. Polyurethane based. Expands greatly on application and yeilds up to 50 times the original can contents. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approx 1 hour. Fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates and sound deadens.
SupaDec Fine Surface Filler 600g
£ 2.62 £ 2.62 2.62 GBP
Interior and exterior use.. Super smooth.. Dries white.. Easy to sand.
Tetrion Ready Mix Filler 330g
£ 3.47 £ 3.47 3.47 GBP
All Purpose Ready Mix Filler Tube 330g. Tetrion All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler has the benefits of the powder filler, but with the advantage that it is instant and can be used in small quantities with no wastage. Dries leaving a smooth, permanent and bright pure white finish. For internal and external use, can be used on plaster, brick, wood, stone, concrete, render, plasterboard. Dry time to sand: 4-6 hours Dry time to paint: 24 hours
Tetrion Ready Mix Filler 600g
£ 5.70 £ 5.70 5.7 GBP
All Purpose Filler is a smooth ready mixed white filler that seals and fills most household materials, e.g. plaster, wood, stone, concrete, brickwork and metal.
Tetrion Ready Mix Filler 1kg
£ 7.87 £ 7.87 7.87 GBP