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Ronseal Precision Power Sprayer
£ 47.33 £ 47.33 47.33 GBP
Quick and easy to use, simply click on to One Coat Sprayable tub and start spraying. No messy decanting or pouring required. 3 power settings for more accuracy and minimal overspray
Cuprinol Spray And Brush 2 In 1
£ 47.21 £ 47.21 47.21 GBP
Colour & protect your garden wood in half the time of a brush. With the speed of a sprayer and the control and coverage of a brush, the 2 in 1 pump sprayer will decorate a fence panel in 3 minutes, with a 5 year protection. The spray and brush is easy to dismantle and is suitable for Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable ?uid and Garden Shades
Wagner Wood And Metal Sprayer W100
£ 67.18 £ 67.18 67.18 GBP
Extra-fine atomisation for uniform paint coverage with a single coat. Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment, the paint, refill or clean the gun. Air jacket surrounds the spray jet to minimise overspray. 3 paint jet settings to perfectly match the object being painted. Fully adjustable paint flow for precision painting
Wagner Fence And Decking Sprayer
£ 82.30 £ 82.30 82.3 GBP
Quickest way to apply wood preservative & treatment in your garden. Works with all wood preservatives, fence paints & decking stains. Takes less than two minutes to spray a fence panel
Wagner Superfinish 23 Pro Airless Sprayer 230V
£ 2,351.98 £ 2,351.98 2351.98 GBP
Space saving folding frame with hose tidy for convenient transport and storage. Flexible suction hose for direct intake from original container - fine mesh filter for trouble free working. Heavy duty tyres make the SF23 Pro the perfect partner for every site. Lightweight comfortable spray gun with a long service life - HEA 519 tip included. HEA pressure gauge - fully adjustable pressure from 0 - 250 bar. QLS long stroke technology made possible by optimising hydraulics and valve technology
Wagner HEA Protip 311
£ 44.95 £ 44.95 44.95 GBP
The Wagner HEA ProTip, for airless sprayers, provides a perfect surface finish at reduced spraying pressure. Compared to standard airless technology the spray pattern is gently feathered and free from edge strips.. Available in a number of different sizes depending on the material being used. Example - Tip Size 517:. The 5 denotes the fan width of spray, double the number so a 10 inch fan width. The 17 indicates the size of the tip hole in thousandths of an inch, the higher the number the larger the hole for thicker material