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Silverline Universal Carpet Cutter 50° Blade Angle
£ 4.72 £ 4.72 4.72 GBP
Plastic moulded handle and SK5 steel blade. Sprung arms force material down towards the angled blade for effective cutting. Single-screw blade-change. Cuts carpet, vinyl and heavy duty fabrics. Includes reversible blade for extended working life. Overall length 230mm.
Silverline Carpet Bolster 75mm (3")
£ 12.65 £ 12.65 12.65 GBP
Drop-forged steel bolster, chrome-plated to reduce marking. Ensures tight carpet edging by tucking under grippers and skirting boards. Ideal for carpet fitters and DIY. Oversized surface allows tapping in for a tighter fit.
Silverline Carpet Tool Set 3pce 3pce
£ 15.54 £ 15.54 15.540000000000001 GBP
Complete set of tools for laying carpets. Includes fixed-blade knife for trimming, bolster chisel for pushing carpet edges into gripper boards, and a seam roller for bedding in joins. Knife include blade and accepts standard trimming knife blades.
Silverline Expert Carpet Bolster 100mm (4)
£ 14.92 £ 14.92 14.92 GBP
Heavy duty, drop-forged steel carpet bolster for setting carpet into gripper strips, stair treads and gullies, and for creasing carpet along wall line. Tough polypropylene sleeve overlaps base of blade for protection and comfortable grip. Steel striking face allows tapping in with a hammer or mallet for a tight fit. Blade width 100mm.
Silverline Flooring Installation Kit 22pce 22pce
£ 10.26 £ 10.26 10.26 GBP
Hardwearing steel pulling bar for creating tight joints in restricted areas, and tapping block to distribute force and pressure over flooring edge. Tapered fitting wedges aid with alignment and creation of expansion gaps. Ideal for installing laminate and solid wood flooring. Includes pulling iron, tapping block and 20 fitting wedges.
Silverline Laminate Floor Clamp 130mm
£ 9.35 £ 9.35 9.35 GBP
For installation of planked wooden and laminated flooring. Extra-large 130mm wide, heavy gauge angled plates for firm grip. Precision ratchet mechanism. 5m stretch-resistant polypropylene strap and 100kg clamping pressure.