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Bostik Bituminous Black Paint 5L
£ 22.16 £ 22.16 22.16 GBP
A solvent bourne bituminous black paint. Width 180mm, height 237mm, depth 180mm. Weight 6.08kg
Bostik Bituminous Black Paint 2.5L
£ 14.49 £ 14.49 14.49 GBP
A solvent bourne bituminous black paint. Width 157mm, height 157mm, depth 157mm. Weight 3.26kg. Image for illustration purposes only
Bostik Bituminous Black Paint 1L
£ 6.79 £ 6.79 6.79 GBP
A solvent bourne bituminous black paint. Width 113mm, height 120mm, depth 113mm.. Weight 1.11kg. Image for illustration purposes only
Bostik Flexacryl 5kg Grey
£ 57.12 £ 57.12 57.120000000000005 GBP
A high performance, instant roof repair compound, ideal for emergency repairs or general waterproofing of flat roofs. One coat application providing immediate waterproofing. Can be applied in damp conditions. Contains fibres to repair cracks. Flexible and long lasting. Ideal for areas subject to ponding
Evo-Stik Flexacryl 5kg Black
£ 57.12 £ 57.12 57.120000000000005 GBP
Immediate waterproofer. For wet or dry surfaces. No primer required
Thompson's Emergency Roof Repair Mastic 750ml
£ 18.29 £ 18.29 18.29 GBP
Trowel applied mastic providing all weather protection to severe gaps and cracks in roofing materials. Hydrophobic formula repels water during and after application. Adheres to virtually any material even under water. Effectively fills, bridges and repairs severe gaps and cracks. Ideal for rapid emergency repair of roof leaks
Thompson's Emergency Instant Repair Aerosol 450g
£ 17.11 £ 17.11 17.11 GBP
A specially formulated sprayable mastic that immediately seals and repairs water leaks on a variety of roofing materials. Quickest and easiest way to stop leaks. Hydrophobic formula displaces moisture to ensure tight bond to the surface. Spray application delivers instant, accurate repairs. Can be applied in adverse weather conditions. Contains a scrim bandage for larger cracks and repairs
Thompson's Emergency Leak Fix 310ml
£ 12.42 £ 12.42 12.42 GBP
High performance clear sealant ideal for emergency repairs to doors and windows. Permanently flexible. Fully weatherproof. Can be overpainted. Applies to damp surfaces
Bostik Flexacryl Waterproofer Solvent Free 5L Grey
£ 64.51 £ 64.51 64.51 GBP
For common flat roof surfaces. No primer required. Contains fibres to bridge gaps
Rose Roofing Universal Felt Adhesive 5L
£ 21.19 £ 21.19 21.19 GBP
"Felt adhesive is a solvent based, cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding successive layers of roofing felt. It is formulated for convenience and safety. . Ensures affinity and a strong final bond to bituminous membranes.. Bonding roofing felts to metal, timber and concrete and asphalt, lap cement. Bonding chippings to flat roofs. Approx. coverage of felt adhesive is 2m square per litre.. Available in 1litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre
Rose Roofing Black Bitumen Paint 5L
£ 20.79 £ 20.79 20.79 GBP