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Ronseal Stain Block 400ml
£ 13.39 £ 13.39 13.39 GBP
Obliterates unsightly stains and stops them reappearing. Can be painted or wallpapered over - spray application delivers fast even coverage. Permanently blocks out stains on interior walls and ceilings - aerosol delivers even accurate coverage
Everbuild Stain Block 400ml
£ 8.64 £ 8.64 8.64 GBP
Stainblock is a spray applied heavily pigmented white paint which permanently prevents existing stains from water, mould, rust, nicotine, grease, soot, crayon showing through subsequent coatings. Quick drying, overcoat in 15 mins.
Johnstone's Paint To Block Stains 750ml White
£ 18.17 £ 18.17 18.17 GBP
Matt coating. Covers and eliminates stains. Great Covering
Ronseal One Coat Stain Block 2.5L White
£ 35.95 £ 35.95 35.95 GBP
Permanently blocks stains in 1 coat. Ready to paint over in 4 hours
Leyland Trade Stain Blocking Primer 2.5L White
£ 41.21 £ 41.21 41.21 GBP
Specifically formulated to seal in unsightly stains caused by nicotine, smoke, marker pen, wax, crayon, graffiti, tannin and bitumen. It prevents stains bleeding through from the substrate