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Silverline DIY 2kW Workshop Electric Fan Heater 2kW
£ 68.70 £ 68.70 68.7 GBP
Mains-powered portable heater producing up to 2kW of heating power over two heating modes and a fan mode. Sturdy steel frame and adjustable body that can be manoeuvred between 0-30° angles to direct the airflow as required. Fully adjustable thermostat maintains room temperature (<45°C) with simple set-up. Thermal cut-out feature switches off power if overheating occurs. Ideal for heating workshops and garages. Max working time 15 hours.
Rhino 2kW Convector Heater 2kW 240V
£ 21.17 £ 21.17 21.17 GBP
Portable, silent-running convector heater for room or site use. Features 3 heat settings: 750W, 1250W and 2000W. Adjustable thermostat control and overheat protection. Built-in carry handles allow the heater to be easily transported. Illuminated switches for easy visibility in murky environments. Can be used freestanding or mounted to a wall (brackets not included). Dimensions (H x W x D): 625 x 440 x 140mm. Weight 3.6kg.
Rhino 2kW FH2 Fan Heater 2kW 240V
£ 14.50 £ 14.50 14.5 GBP
Versatile electric 2kW fan heater in a robust injection-moulded case for domestic and commercial use. Features 2 heat settings with ambient selector, overheat protection with thermal cut-out and thermal fuse. Neon indicator for easy visibility in dark settings. Can be positioned both vertically and horizontally to suit the available space. Safety rating: LVD, EMC, ERP, ROHS. Dimensions (H x W x D): 125 x 255 x 255mm. Weight 1.3kg.
Rhino 2kW Oil-Filled Radiator 2kW 240V
£ 63.59 £ 63.59 63.59 GBP
Compact, oil-filled white radiator with 3 heat settings: 600W, 900W and 1500W, and timer. Silent running. Features thermostat control and overheat protection. Castors allow easy transportation. Built-in cable storage. 9 x fins (145 x 580mm). Weight: 12.1kg.
Rhino 2kW PTC2 Fan Heater 2kW 240V
£ 33.26 £ 33.26 33.26 GBP
Versatile 2kW electric fan heater in robust, adjustable frame. Delivers instant heat output and is ideal for domestic or commercial use. Easily transportable. Delivers instant heat output. Features 3 heat settings and adjustable thermostat control. Low noise operation. Dimensions (W x D): 210 x 160mm. Weight 1.9kg.