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Dencon The Moonlight Nightlight
£ 10.83 £ 10.83 10.83 GBP
Dencon 12" (30cm) Pendant Kit T1 Pre-Packed
£ 3.78 £ 3.78 3.7800000000000002 GBP
Powermaster Fixed Fire Rated Downlight White
£ 8.62 £ 8.62 8.620000000000001 GBP
Mains. Pressed Steel Fixed. The next generation of One Electrical Fire Rated Downlights are presented under the Contractor+ Brand, as they fit perfectly within the brand 'Design, Quality, Value' ethos. Of improved design to our outgoing models, with extra strong springs, superior lamp holders, and with an added 'lamp supporting clip' on the Low Voltage models to prevent the possibility of arcing. Supplied with out lamp to allow you and your customers the ultimate flexibility
Securlec Automatic LED Safety Night Light 57mm (w) x 115mm (h) x 67mm (d)
£ 3.28 £ 3.28 3.2800000000000002 GBP
1W. Light sensor. LED. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, hallways and stairs. Provides a reassuring light for the comfort and safety of all the family. Low power consumption with energy saving LED. Light switches off in the daytime due to built-in sensor. Safe for children’s bedrooms. High quality material
Powermaster Slim Downlighter Chrome IP65
£ 14.43 £ 14.43 14.43 GBP
Powermaster Slim Downlighter White !P65
£ 14.43 £ 14.43 14.43 GBP
Powermaster Slim Downlighter Brushed Chrome
£ 14.43 £ 14.43 14.43 GBP