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SupaHome Fly Swatters 3 Pack
£ 2.37 £ 2.37 2.37 GBP
Large head design. Tough polypropylene shaft
Rentokil Wasp Killer Powder 300g
£ 9.49 £ 9.49 9.49 GBP
For the control of wasps nests in and around the home. Kills wasps fast. Contains Permethrin
The Buzz Window Fly Traps 3 Pack
£ 3.63 £ 3.63 3.63 GBP
Angle-trap design collects dead flies and flying insects and hides them from sight. Fits neatly into window corners or other problem areas. Easy set-up, with long lasting adhesive that keeps working up to 4 months. Exclusive gerbera design. Flies attracted to natural window light
Rentokil Fly Killer Strips 3 Pack
£ 4.42 £ 4.42 4.42 GBP
An attractive, insecticide free and odour free method of killing flies and other flying insects. Ideal for use in any room in the home and greenhouse
Waspinator No More Wasp Waspinator Pack 2
£ 13.66 £ 13.66 13.66 GBP
The Waspinator is a fake wasps nest. . Wasps are very territorial and will aggressively defend their nest against wasps from another colony.. When a foraging wasp sees another wasps nest it will rapidly leave the area for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders. No Chemicals. No Maintenance. No Traps. No Mess. No Dead Wasps
Agralan Codling Moth Trap Refill
£ 9.12 £ 9.12 9.120000000000001 GBP
Refill allows the use of the trap for a second season
Agralan Codling Moth Trap Up to 5 trees
£ 11.81 £ 11.81 11.81 GBP
An Aid to Apple Maggot Control. Easy to use. Pheromone trap catches male moths reducing egg laying. Beneficial insects not attracted. Protects up to 5 trees
The Buzz Bug Bat
£ 7.20 £ 7.20 7.2 GBP
Ideal for camping, BBQs & picnics. Kills mosquitoes & midges on contact. Indoor & outdoor use. Push button activation with On/Off indication
Zero In Fly Papers 4 Pack
£ 2.19 £ 2.19 2.19 GBP
Kills over 30% more flies that other brands. Baited with natural insect attractant. Clean white paper for indoor and outdoor use. Traditional, cost effective insect control
SupaHome Flypapers Pack of 10
£ 3.28 £ 3.28 3.2800000000000002 GBP
Easy to use. Safe, non-toxic. Light vanilla scent
SupaHome Flypapers Pack of 4
£ 2.01 £ 2.01 2.0100000000000002 GBP
Easy to use. Safe, non-toxic. Light vanilla scent
The Buzz Strip Blind for Doors
£ 4.83 £ 4.83 4.83 GBP
90 x 200cm walk-through plastic strips. Traditional low-cost insect control. Available in 3 colours. Easy-up with hang-bar and fixing holes