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Fixman Scissor Mole Trap 185mm
£ 4.80 £ 4.80 4.8 GBP
Metal trap with zinc coating. Handles squeeze together and the loose plate fits in the centre of the trap before the trap is placed in the mole run. Handles spring apart when mole is captured.
Fixman Tunnel Mole Trap 150mm
£ 4.79 £ 4.79 4.79 GBP
Traditional metal trap with zinc coating. Powerful, fast and effective. Chemical-free and non-toxic. Reusable.
Fixman Mole Trap 210mm
£ 8.18 £ 8.18 8.18 GBP
Metal mole trap with zinc coating. Fast and effective. Reusable.
Fixman Humane Mole Trap 200mm
£ 3.40 £ 3.40 3.4 GBP
Double-entry plastic tube traps moles humanely. Captured animals can be released at a convenient location elsewhere.
Fixman Sonic Mole Repeller 3 x D
£ 9.20 £ 9.20 9.200000000000001 GBP
Battery-operated device emits pulsating vibrations through the ground to repel moles by simulating potential predators. Frequency 400Hz +/-100Hz. Size 290 x 50 x 70mm. Covers area up to 850m2. Requires 3 x D batteries.
Fixman Solar-Powered Mole Repeller 650m2
£ 8.89 £ 8.89 8.89 GBP
Sonic wave sound and vibration technology repels moles by simulating predators. Battery recharges via solar energy for a long-lasting and effective solution. Coverage 650m2. Solar panel: 2V 55mA. Power: 0.09W. Frequency: 400Hz+/- 100Hz. Rechargeable 1.2V AAA 80mA Ni-MH battery included.