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Defenders Off My Nuts Squirrel Spinner
£ 31.71 £ 31.71 31.71 GBP
Activates automatically to spin and deter squirrels and larger birds from stealing bird food. Fits all feeders. Does not prevent birds from feeding or cause harm. Requires 3 x C batteries (not included). Weather resistant
Defenders Mole Repellent Scatter Granules 450g
£ 8.41 £ 8.41 8.41 GBP
Biodegradable granules coated with lavender as an effective Natural Active mole repellent. Treatment area 45 square metres of lawn and garden areas. No need to exclude children or pets from treatment areas. Year round use: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
Defenders Hi-Vis Mole Trap Markers Pack 5
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
Stainless steel pole and UV light resistant flag. Ensures mole traps are easy to find to avoid accidental damage to mowers and other equipment
Defenders Mole Claw Trap
£ 7.20 £ 7.20 7.2 GBP
Catch and kill traps for protection of lawns and gardens. Strong spring action and galvanised for rust free durability. Suitable for all weathers
Defenders Mega Sonic Mole Repeller
£ 22.40 £ 22.40 22.400000000000002 GBP
Vibrates and simultaneously discharges a sonic pulse for 5 seconds every 55 seconds. Easy to find hi vis cap. Uses a non wearing, counter weight design. Coverage up tp 1000m2. Welfare friendly
Defenders Mole Repellent Scatter Granules 2.5kg
£ 22.40 £ 22.40 22.400000000000002 GBP
Biodegradable granules coated with castor-oil as an effective natural active mole repellent. Up to 250m² treatment area. Easy-use shaker cap. Safe for children and pets. Year round use
Stay Off Stay Off Mole Repellent 500g
£ 7.11 £ 7.11 7.11 GBP