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Zero In Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller Balls Pack 20
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
100% natural Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar for effective control of clothes moths. Long-lasting fragrance can be refreshed by rubbing with fine grade sandpaper. Refreshes clothes and also helps prevent build-up of mustiness and mildew
Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 300ml Aerosol
£ 7.14 £ 7.14 7.140000000000001 GBP
Kills clothes moths on contact and provides long lasting control of larvae. Surface treatment for wardrobes, drawers and storage. Up to 12 months protection. Contains Cypermethrin
Zero In Cedarwood Moth Rings 10 pack
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
Made from 100% natural Eastern aromatic red cedar for effective, long lasting chemical free control of clothes moths. Refreshes clothes and helps prevent build up of musitness and mildew. Can be placed in drawers, cupboards. Use ZER035 over wardrobe hangers. Fragrance can be refreshed by rubbing with a fine grade of sandpaper or by using Cedarwood Refresher Spray (ZER039)
Zero In Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Killer
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
Uses the latest pheromone technology to protect woollens and natural fibres from moth damage. Demi-Diamond technology designed by experts and tested by pest control professionals. Delivers maximum catch-rates. Treats a standard wardrobe area up to 3 months
Rentokil Clothes Moth Killer Cassette Twin Pack
£ 6.84 £ 6.84 6.84 GBP
Kills eggs, larvae and adult moths without odour or stains. Ideal for protecting clothing and garments in wardrobes and cupboards. The product has an easy to use expiry indicator for peace of mind protection. Lasts up to six months. Contains Transfl uthrin
Rentokil Clothes Moth Killer Cassette Pack 4
£ 12.21 £ 12.21 12.21 GBP
Hanging unit that kills clothes moth, freshens clothes and is long-lasting. Kills clothes moths - eggs, larvae and adults. Citrus fragrance - keeps clothes fresh. Lasts for up to 6 months. 4-pack - value for money.
Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Unit Twin Pack
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
ORDER NOW, DELIVERY JAN/FEB 1/4 PALLET QUANTITY. Continuous effective protection against moths, their eggs and larvae for up to 6 months. Protects clothes in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, suitcases and airing cupboards. No unpleasant smells, drips or staining. Contains Transfluthrin. Can be used alone or as a refill for ZER433
Zero In Multi Hook Clothes Moth Killer
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
Multi-hook space saving system that protects clothes from damage by moths, their larvae and eggs for up to 6 months.. Extra benefit of increased hanging space wardrobes and cupboards. Ideal for protecting against moth damage to clothes sotred within clothing covers. Refill using ZER432. Contains Transfluthrin
Zensect Hanging Moth Proofer
£ 6.38 £ 6.38 6.38 GBP
Brand: IBA. Code: 408195 x 8 IBA. Each unit lasts up to 6 months
Zensect Anti Moth Proofer
£ 6.38 £ 6.38 6.38 GBP
IBA Bouchard Zensect Anti-Moth Repellent Moth Proofer - Pack of 20 Balls. Give 24 hour protection to clothes, linen stores and fabrics with our Anti-Moth Proofer.. These unique Anti-Moth Proofer pouches can safely be placed in or among clothing.. Clean, fresh fragrance, safe and easy to handle.. Zensect Anti-Moth Proofer eliminates clothes damaging types of moths, larvae and eggs.
Zero In Moth Killer Strips 20 Strips
£ 4.83 £ 4.83 4.83 GBP
Kills moths - their larvae and eggs. 20 patterned tear off strips. Up to 6 months protection. Dry treatment - no drips or stains. Contains Transfluthrin
Rentokil Carpet Moth & Beetle Killer Powder 150g
£ 7.52 £ 7.52 7.5200000000000005 GBP