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Ambassador Block Paving Brush
£ 7.93 £ 7.93 7.930000000000001 GBP
3 rows of converging wire gives direct contact with weeds and moss to clean in between paving slabs and block paving. Long wooden handle to prevent fatigue and back ache. Length: 154cm
Ambassador Block Paving Brush With Scraper
£ 8.21 £ 8.21 8.21 GBP
3 rows of angled bristles provides effective cleaning in between paving. Long wooden handle to. prevent fatigue and back ache. Small scraper attached to the top of the brush cleans tougher and larger places with the same effectiveness. Length: 154cm
Ambassador Decking Wire Brush Head
£ 5.22 £ 5.22 5.22 GBP
Connects to APBH5 Brush Handle, easy to replace once worn. Durable and tough. Great for improving the condition of decking by removing debris. Head size: 13 x 3.5cm
Ambassador Brush Handle 1.2m
£ 4.54 £ 4.54 4.54 GBP
Connects to APBH10 Patio Brush Head & APBH15 Decking Brush Head. 23mm Diameter. 1. 2mlength
Ambassador Weed Brush Short Handled
£ 4.56 £ 4.56 4.5600000000000005 GBP
Wooden head with 3 rows of bristles. Scraper. Length: 30cm. Diameter: 22mm. Head size:13 x 3.5cm