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SupaGarden Lawn Rake Head
£ 6.38 £ 6.38 6.38 GBP
16 tooth. Carbon steel. 2 Year Guarantee
SupaGarden Dutch Hoe Head
£ 4.10 £ 4.10 4.1 GBP
Epoxy coated carbon steel head
Ambassador Patio Wire Brush Head
£ 4.74 £ 4.74 4.74 GBP
Connects to APBH5 Brush Handle, easy to replace once worn. Durable and tough. Great for improving the condition of patios and driveways. 3 x 10 rows converged. copper-coated steel wires. Head size: 10 x 3.5cm
WOLF-Garten Hum10 Mc Small Draw Hoe 10cm
£ 18.29 £ 18.29 18.29 GBP
Ideal for hoeing in small or confined areas. Strong swan-neck arm
WOLF-Garten Mc Small Sweep
£ 12.57 £ 12.57 12.57 GBP
For sweeping up debris and loosening soil in confined areas. Strong steel tines
WOLF-Garten Mc Dutch Hoe
£ 16.43 £ 16.43 16.43 GBP
Traditional popular design. One-piece blade for extra strength
WOLF-Garten Mc Weeding Brush
£ 15.47 £ 15.47 15.47 GBP
Stiff steel bristles remove tough weeds and moss from between paving slabs. Clears your patio quickly and without bending
WOLF-Garten Mc Lawn Rake 50cm
£ 28.67 £ 28.67 28.67 GBP
Unique curved fan shape, cleans and collects grass from large areas. Specially designed tines which won't dig into the grass. Propopylene body
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Soil Miller
£ 40.96 £ 40.96 40.96 GBP
Crumbles soil into a fine tilth for sowing seeds or planting. Mixes peat, manure and fertiliser onto the soil. Rear blade keeps tools a a constant depth
WOLF-Garten Mc Patio Broom
£ 24.52 £ 24.52 24.52 GBP
Tough long lasting PVC bristles. Suitable for large areas including paths and patios
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Double Hoe 8cm
£ 20.11 £ 20.11 20.11 GBP
Broad, sharp angle blade for weeding or drawing out seed drills. Sharp prongs on rear break up heavy soil
WOLF-Garten Mc Swoe Style Hoe
£ 18.29 £ 18.29 18.29 GBP
Ideal for weeding around and behind plants in tight situations. Push and pull action severing weeds from their roots