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Hozelock Accessory Adaptor 3/4” BSP Male Thread
£ 5.84 £ 5.84 5.84 GBP
With threaded 3/4" BSP to enable quick connection between accessories
Hozelock Deluxe Hose Nozzle
£ 13.28 £ 13.28 13.280000000000001 GBP
Lockable on/off with flow control.. Three spray patterns: jet, cone and fast fill.
Hozelock Spares Kit
£ 5.49 £ 5.49 5.49 GBP
Replacement o-rings, suitable for minor servicing to Hozelock guns, fittings, sprinklers and brushes.. A rubber O-ring costs very little but can help you to save millions of litres of water!
Hozelock Hose Repair Connector 12.5mm for 1/2” Hose
£ 5.93 £ 5.93 5.93 GBP
For repairing damaged hose, or permanently connecting two lengths of hose.
Hozelock Flat Hose & Spiral Hose Adaptor
£ 6.95 £ 6.95 6.95 GBP
Flat and spiral hose 3/4'' BSP adaptor.
Hozelock Threaded Tap and Hose End Connector
£ 5.84 £ 5.84 5.84 GBP
Designed for the standard garden tap. Tap fitting with 3/4" thread and a 1/2" Adapter if required. Use with male threaded taps
Hozelock Threaded Tap Connector 1” BSP
£ 7.64 £ 7.64 7.640000000000001 GBP
1" BSP tap connector suitable for use with garden irrigation pumps or taps typically found on farms, in factories or in horticulture.. The connector securely attaches to the outdoor tap, and converts it to the Hozelock quick connect system.
Hozelock Universal Round Tap Connector
£ 10.81 £ 10.81 10.81 GBP
Round Tap connector (max dia 18mm) - Designed for round and oval spout taps, maximum diamter 18mm. The fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip.
Hozelock Universal Round Mixer Tap Connector
£ 11.83 £ 11.83 11.83 GBP
Round Tap connector (max dia 24mm) - Designed for round and oval spout taps, maximum diameter 24mm. The fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip.
Hozelock Indoor Square Tap Connector
£ 14.07 £ 14.07 14.07 GBP
Designed to fit a wide variety of square, round and mixer taps up to 43mm high by 34mm wide. Complete with a choice of sealing washers to provide a leak-free connection.
Hozelock Double Male Connector
£ 5.95 £ 5.95 5.95 GBP
Double ended male connector to link female ended hose pipes.. For use with a wide range of Hozelock fittings.
Hozelock Y Connector
£ 7.75 £ 7.75 7.75 GBP
Three-way connector designed to branch a hose in two directions.