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ALM Spring Wire Glazing Clips Pack of 50
£ 5.61 £ 5.61 5.61 GBP
Greenhouse parts. For use when replacing greenhouse glass and during routine maintenance, particularly after winter winds. Suitable for most aluminium greenhouses
ALM Aluminium Lap Clips Pack of 50
£ 5.61 £ 5.61 5.61 GBP
Greenhouse parts. Pre formed lap clips with a 10mm lap. An essential when carrying out glazing repairs. Suitable for most greenhouses
ALM Aluminium Lap Strips Pack of 50
£ 5.61 £ 5.61 5.61 GBP
Flat aluminium strips to bend to shape for glazing repairs. Particularly useful for odd pane thicknesses and wooden greenhouses
ALM Shading & Insulation Fixers Pack of 20
£ 4.29 £ 4.29 4.29 GBP
Slots into the glazing bar and acts as a spacer between the glass and shading. The hole is used for tying, straining wires etc. Suitable for most aluminium greenhouses
Ambassador Original Alliplugs Pack 50
£ 2.46 £ 2.46 2.46 GBP
For attaching bubble film or other insulators to greenhouse frames
Ambassador Glazing Clips 25 Pack
£ 3.83 £ 3.83 3.83 GBP
Suitable for holding glass or polycarbonate sheet into aluminium greenhouses
Bayliss Greenhouse Autovent XL
£ 26.56 £ 26.56 26.560000000000002 GBP
Reliable, quality built anodised aluminium automatic window opener for greenhouses. . Clamps onto most aluminium greenhouse vents – no need for drilling. . Can also be used for timber framed vents. . Will fit a window weighing 12.5kgs (28lbs), exerting a load of 6.5kgs (14lbs). . It is temperature adjustable and can be set to start opening the window from 13 – 18°C (55 -65 °F)
ALM Greenhouse Service/Repair Kit
£ 6.86 £ 6.86 6.86 GBP
A greenhouse repair kit contains the essential pieces needed to repair your aluminium greenhouse after the winter or bad weather. Each pack contains 10 of the following: W Glazing clips,W Glazing clips,aluminium Cropped head bolts and nuts,aluminium Square head bolts and nuts
ALM Greenhouse Window Vent
£ 26.37 £ 26.37 26.37 GBP