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Ship Matches Single Pack
£ 0.10 £ 0.10 0.1 GBP
Zip Quickstart Firelighters Single 150g
£ 1.44 £ 1.44 1.44 GBP
The QuickStart Firelighter, replaces the need for newspaper and kindling. Simply light the wrapper as an ultra-convenient way to start your fire with no fuss or mess. Once lit, add additional wood or coal on top and then sit back and enjoy a cosy warm fire
Zip Firelighters 30 Plus 33% Free
£ 3.01 £ 3.01 3.0100000000000002 GBP
Zip High Performance Block Firelighters contain unique energy granules which allow them to burn much hotter for longer compared to other competitor products. Formulated to light even the most difficult fuels such as hard , smokeless coal or damp wood. Each cube burns for up to 18 minutes (up to double that of competitor products), making them very powerful and enabling you to reliably light your fire first time, every time, leaving you more time to enjoy a warm cosy fire
Zip Fast & Clean Wrapped Firelighters Display Unit 36 x Pack of 16 Plus 25% Free
£ 83.98 £ 83.98 83.98 GBP
These highly effective, Zip Wrapped firelighters are formulated to light even the most difficult fuels. They are clean, odourless and burn for up to 18 minutes, providing a convenient and reliable method of instantly lighting a fire. Simply ignite the ignition wrapper and the cube will light first time
Bryant & May Extra Long Safety Matches Box 45
£ 1.18 £ 1.18 1.18 GBP
Long lasting. Ideal for candles, open fires, log burners, barbecues
Zip Bestflame Firelighters 70
£ 2.11 £ 2.11 2.11 GBP
Lights first time every time. Easy to use with pre-scored easy brake blocks. Just light the wrapper. Burns for up to an hour and a half
Zip Bestflame Firelog 700g
£ 2.28 £ 2.28 2.2800000000000002 GBP
No need for firelighters, paper or kindling. Just light the wrapper-convenient, no mess. Instant cosy fire in minutes. Burns for up to an hour and a half. Fuel can be added after 30 minutes. Non Smokeless
Zip High Performance Firelog Non-Smokeless 700g
£ 3.65 £ 3.65 3.65 GBP
100% Natural Harvested Willow. Simple to use – just light the wrapper and after 20 minutes add fuel for a warm & cosy fire. No need for firelighters, paper or kindling. Burns up to 90 minutes.. New improved wrapper for fast lighting and odour-barrier so the natural willow aroma is locked-in. . Ideal for use in. Indoor fireplaces. Outdoor campfires. Chimeneas. Firepits