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Hozelock Car Brush Plus Medium
£ 42.92 £ 42.92 42.92 GBP
Specially designed brush for cleaning family size cars and motor bikes.. The brush features :. An easy reach head that can be swivelled and locked in one of 7 pre set positions.. Quick connect to allow rapid connection to the Hozelock system.. Flow control from 100% --> zero.. Integral detergent tank with selector from : soap off --> max soaping. Brush is through flow, and clean water is constantly jetted through the brush bristles.
Superbright Jumbo Car Sponge SGL
£ 0.82 £ 0.82 0.8200000000000001 GBP
Kingfisher Car Wash Brush
£ 4.77 £ 4.77 4.7700000000000005 GBP
Standard car wash brush is designed to be used with soap sticks if required (not supplied)
Triplewax Jumbo Sponge
£ 1.14 £ 1.14 1.1400000000000001 GBP
Super Absorbent Sponge
Triplewax Large Sponge
£ 0.96 £ 0.96 0.96 GBP
Super Absorbent Sponge. Height mm 165. Length mm 115. Width mm 45
Triplewax Genuine Chamois Medium
£ 7.25 £ 7.25 7.25 GBP
Chamois leather is a natural product with unique properties allowing it to absorb up to 6 times its own weight in water, making it perfect for use on cars ensuring a dry, streak-free finish. When dry, chamois leather is also ideal for polishing glass, windows, furniture and items of silver, leaving them dust free with a perfect shine.
KENT Super Jumbo Sponge
£ 0.91 £ 0.91 0.91 GBP
Sponge size: ca. L210 x W115 x H65mm
KENT Universal Car Wash Brush
£ 5.70 £ 5.70 5.7 GBP
This handy brush connects to your hose, has an on/off switch and is ideal for the car, caravan or around the garden!. Overall length: ca. 310mm. Head size: ca. L140 x W70 x H70mm
KENT Alloy Wheel Brush
£ 1.87 £ 1.87 1.87 GBP
Unique design, with hardwearing, soft bristles. Ideally suited to clean the most complex of wheel designs. Overall length: ca. 270mm
KENT Telescopic Flow Through Brush
£ 23.14 £ 23.14 23.14 GBP
10" Brush head. Extends to 186cm
KENT Extra Long Professional Telescopic Brush
£ 27.59 £ 27.59 27.59 GBP
10" Brush head. Extends to 256cm
KENT Microfibre Buffing Cloth
£ 2.05 £ 2.05 2.05 GBP
Offering the best buffing action for your vehicle This super soft Microfibre cloth gently removes surplus wax whilst protecting your vehicle's finish . Excellent durability with lint and streak free results!. Cloth size: ca. 400 x 400mm