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Sabichi Day To Day White Dinner Set 12 Piece
£ 27.31 £ 27.31 27.310000000000002 GBP
A great value way of adding colour and personality to your dinner table. Made of porcelain. Available in white colour. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Set includes: 4x dinner plates, 4x side plates, 4x bowls
Arcopal Zelie Dinner Set White 18 Piece
£ 15.37 £ 15.37 15.370000000000001 GBP
Zelie White 18 Piece Dinner Set includes 6 x Dinner Plates 25cm, 6 x Soup Plates 20cm and 6 x Dessert Plates 18cm.. Arcopal opal is reinforced thanks to a special heat treatment called tempering, which makes it up to 3 times more shock-resistant than other materials.. Arcopal opal can withstand sudden variations of 135C: it is safe to transfer the dishes directly from the refrigerator to the microwave.. Arcopal opal is a non-porous material, which prevents bacteria from accumulating in it, making it easy to clean and hygienic.. Arcopal opal products are dishwasher safe. They retain their decoration and their shine day after day, wash after wash.