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Drummer Firelighters Block Pack 15
£ 0.96 £ 0.96 0.96 GBP
For all fires. Small cubes big results!
Mr Sheen Polish 300ml Original
£ 2.28 £ 2.28 2.2800000000000002 GBP
For wood, glass, metal and plastic. Dusts, cleans & shines
Tableau Red Tile Polish 250ml
£ 13.58 £ 13.58 13.58 GBP
Rich coloured wax polish for the restoration of colour to tiles. It can be used to give colour and lustre to brick work and unsealed concrete or cement-based steps, floors and plinths.
Dylon Curtain Whitener
£ 3.40 £ 3.40 3.4 GBP
DYLON Curtain Whitener gives curtains a crisp new whiteness – perfect when they’ve started to look a bit dull. This specialist formula is more effective on net, voile or muslin curtains than standard whiteners. So you’ll have clean, fresh, whites to brighten your windows once again
Homecare Caustic Soda 500g
£ 2.42 £ 2.42 2.42 GBP
A general purpose heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and sanitizer for home and industrial use
Jeyes Freshbin Powder 550g Cool Linen
£ 3.34 £ 3.34 3.34 GBP
Outdoor wheelie bins and dustbins are a prevalent part of many a suburban street - the average UK household has at least two wheelie bins! Yet they are often neglected when it comes to outdoor cleaning regimes. Freshbin is a disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your outdoor bin. Simply sprinkle over bin sacks and in the base of an outdoor bin to absorb moisture and kill germs. Never suffer smelly bins again. Deodorises & disinfects outdoor bins. Deodorises drains. Disinfects kennels, hutches & stables
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 300ml
£ 4.06 £ 4.06 4.0600000000000005 GBP
Make your oven sparkle with Mr Muscle Oven. A powerful cleaning product. Uses a unique self-scouring formula. Effectively removes burnt on grease, food and spills. No need for strenuous scrubbing
Quickfire Firelighters Pack of 14
£ 0.94 £ 0.94 0.9400000000000001 GBP
1001 Carpet Mousse 350ml
£ 4.78 £ 4.78 4.78 GBP
The unique rapid drying formula works it's magic to remove stains like red wine, tea, juice or mud really quickly. The product also contains a unique blend of mild detergents and a polymer that helps prevent re-soiling and leaves no sticky residue. Safe on all carpet types including wool the product contains no bleaching agents or aggressive solvents. Treats 'heavy use' areas
1001 Trouble Shooter 500ml
£ 4.68 £ 4.68 4.68 GBP
The one trigger carpet and upholstery stain remover every household needs in an emergency. Keep 1001 Troubleshooter handy in your kitchen cupboard to quickly and effectively tackle all types of dry spills and stains. Tackles everything from coffee and tea to red wine stains
Glade Shake 'n' Vac 500g Fresh Lemon
£ 2.14 £ 2.14 2.14 GBP
Absorb and vacuum away foul odours. Suitable for use on any carpeted area. One can covers approximately 22 sq. metres. Leaves behind a refreshing lemon scent. Works in minutes
Glade Shake 'n' Vac 500g Magnolia & Vanilla
£ 2.14 £ 2.14 2.14 GBP
With odour neutraliser. Breathing life into your home