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Jeyes Freshbin Powder 550g Cool Linen
£ 3.34 £ 3.34 3.34 GBP
Outdoor wheelie bins and dustbins are a prevalent part of many a suburban street - the average UK household has at least two wheelie bins! Yet they are often neglected when it comes to outdoor cleaning regimes. Freshbin is a disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your outdoor bin. Simply sprinkle over bin sacks and in the base of an outdoor bin to absorb moisture and kill germs. Never suffer smelly bins again. Deodorises & disinfects outdoor bins. Deodorises drains. Disinfects kennels, hutches & stables
Duzzit Anti-Bacterial Wipes 50 Pack
£ 2.62 £ 2.62 2.62 GBP
25% EXTRA FREE - 50 wipes for the price of 40. Antibacterial wipes
Stardrops The Pink Stuff 500ml
£ 1.82 £ 1.82 1.82 GBP
Windolene Original Cream 500ml
£ 4.20 £ 4.20 4.2 GBP
This powerful cleaner from the glass cleaning specialists, giving you brilliantly clean and smear free windows
Super Thick Pine Disinfectant 5L
£ 4.56 £ 4.56 4.5600000000000005 GBP
Super Pine QAP 30 disinfectant is tested to BS6424:1984 (90) grade QAP30 and BSEN1276 proven to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. . A general purpose QAC based pine disinfectant for drains, sinks, toilets and general use.
Clean & Natural Bicarbonate Soda 500g
£ 2.07 £ 2.07 2.07 GBP
DP. Clean & Natural. Bicarbonate Of Soda. 500g. Cleans and freshens around the home
Clean & Natural Borax Substitute 500gr
£ 2.01 £ 2.01 2.0100000000000002 GBP
Straight forward hard surface cleaner
Nilco Antibacterial Cleaner & Sanitiser 1L
£ 6.94 £ 6.94 6.94 GBP
A neutral, solvent based bactericidal and virucidal anti-static cleanser primarily for use in the catering industry, Kills a broad range of bacteria including MRSA, E. Coli and C. Diff. Fast drying. Compliant BSEN 1276. Suitable for water resistant “hard”, non-porous surfaces, particularly glass, and catering work surfaces, “sneeze screens”, stainless steel, and other surfaces for light duty cleaning and pre and post use disinfection.
Duzzit Anti Bacterial Wipes X-Large Lavender Pack 30
£ 1.46 £ 1.46 1.46 GBP
Duzzit. Anti Bacterial Wipes. X-Large Lavender Pack 30 x 3. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product due to manufacturer changes.
Duzzit Disinfectant Wipes 50 Pack
£ 2.38 £ 2.38 2.38 GBP
Duzzit disinfectant wipes are effective agaionst all kinds of bacteria including E.Coli, Salmonella and MRSA. The wipes are strong enough to clean and sanitize toilets, baths, kitchen surfaces, bins, door handles, telephones, floors and much more
Essentials Washer Machine Cleaner 500g
£ 1.73 £ 1.73 1.73 GBP
Works through the machine to clean throughout from drum and element down through to the pipes for a deep and thorough clean. . Removes dirt & grime, helps to prevent bad odours . Allows for a longer life and better performance from your washing machine