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Dylon Curtain Whitener
£ 3.40 £ 3.40 3.4 GBP
DYLON Curtain Whitener gives curtains a crisp new whiteness – perfect when they’ve started to look a bit dull. This specialist formula is more effective on net, voile or muslin curtains than standard whiteners. So you’ll have clean, fresh, whites to brighten your windows once again
Oust Dishwasher & Washing Machine Descaler
£ 3.17 £ 3.17 3.17 GBP
Removes limescale, food and detergent deposits from dishwashers and washing machines. Saves on electricity and extends the life of the appliance. Regular use menas limescale preventatives do not have to be added to every wash
Dri Pak Soda Crystals 1kg
£ 1.62 £ 1.62 1.62 GBP
Aqua Softna Washing Machine Descaler 250g
£ 3.67 £ 3.67 3.67 GBP
Easy to use Limescale Prevention Powder
Dri Pak Liquid Soda Crystals 500ml
£ 1.69 £ 1.69 1.69 GBP
Hard surface cleaner. Laundry stain remover. Kitchen cleaner/degreaser
Calgon Express Ball Tablets x 15
£ 9.12 £ 9.12 9.120000000000001 GBP
No 1 Recommended by Leading Washing Machine Manufacturers - Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool. 3 in 1 protects from limescale + dirt + odours* *Use with every wash
Astonish Oxy-Plus Stain Remover 1kg
£ 4.06 £ 4.06 4.0600000000000005 GBP
A unique hard surface cleaner with the active power of oxygen bubbles. Suitable or use in the kitchen & bathroom. Cleans. Deodorises. Removes grease & tough stains
Vanish Stain Remover Bar 75g
£ 4.78 £ 4.78 4.78 GBP
Vanish StainBar is specially formulated with Power Enzymes to be effective on stains that laundry detergents and other soap bars don't remove. Vanish StainBar is the effective and versatile way to remove stains from most fabrics. Vanish contains no bleach or abrasives
Vanish Liquid 1L
£ 4.30 £ 4.30 4.3 GBP
Stain removal - pre-treat, soak, in wash
Comfort Fabric Softener 5L
£ 9.69 £ 9.69 9.69 GBP
5 Litre Bottle. Suitable for 140 Washes. Delightfully Soft & Fragrant
Dylon Hand Dye Sachet (NVI) 12 Velvet Black
£ 4.29 £ 4.29 4.29 GBP
DYLON Hand Dye is perfect to colour to smaller items, wool, silk and for crafts such as tie-dye. Use by hand in warm water to give strong, permanent colour to natural fabrics. Wake up your wardrobe, revive a faded scarf or brighten some cushion covers with colour and ease
Comfort Complete 5L
£ 13.41 £ 13.41 13.41 GBP
Complete professional care for your fabrics. Soft and scented results with every wash