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Chef Aid Bristle Pastry Brush
£ 2.42 £ 2.42 2.42 GBP
Natural wood handle. Pure bristles
Chef Aid Spatter Guard 24cm
£ 4.29 £ 4.29 4.29 GBP
Safety lid for frying pans and saucepans. Protects from grease spatter. Dishwasher safe. Keep. Drains and strains noodles and spaghetti
Chef Aid Rubber Tap Swirl
£ 2.12 £ 2.12 2.12 GBP
Helps prevent splashing. Flexible rubber fitting. Fits in most taps. Available in white colour
Tala Garlic Press
£ 5.40 £ 5.40 5.4 GBP
Garlic crusher. Approx 15cm. Also features an additional device for pitting olives and cherries
Chef Aid Bow Action Scoop
£ 7.20 £ 7.20 7.2 GBP
Ideal for scooping ice cream, fruit or mashed potato. Chrome Plated. Bow Action. Heavy Duty
Chef Aid Fruit Juicer
£ 2.21 £ 2.21 2.21 GBP
Ideal for juicing oranges, lemons and limes. Made from high quality ABS-grade plastic. Razor sharp blades ensure effortless juicing. Pouring spout allows juicing straight into the glass or jug
Tala Kitchen Shaker
£ 2.46 £ 2.46 2.46 GBP
Fill this Small Hole Kitchen Shaker with flour, chocolate powder, sugar and more for delicate dusting on food and drinks. Sturdy handle that you can hold when you want to pick it up and shake over your food for ease. Simply unscrew the top and fill shaker with your desired ingredient. Made from glass, this durable shaker is designed to last.
Chef Aid Vegmate Brush
£ 3.03 £ 3.03 3.0300000000000002 GBP
Ideal for cleaning all types of vegetables. Can be used for other tasks around the kitchen
Chef Aid 3 In 1 Pastry Brush
£ 1.48 £ 1.48 1.48 GBP
Washable nylon brush for basting and glazing. Wheel on the handle for crimping and decorating. Cutting edge for trimming
Chef Aid Gravy Separator 400ml
£ 4.77 £ 4.77 4.7700000000000005 GBP
Plastic. Measurement Markings. Separates Gravy from Fat. Ideal for Home Cooked Gravy
Chef Aid Nylon Masher - Black
£ 2.74 £ 2.74 2.74 GBP
Made from durable nylon. Ideal for use with non-stick cookware as it won't scratch. Heat resistant up to 210 Degrees. Dishwasher Safe
Zodiac Egg ring 2 Carded
£ 2.07 £ 2.07 2.07 GBP
Fold up/down handle . Makes the perfect fried egg every time. Blister card . Hand wash only