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Silverline Ball Joint Separator Long Handle
£ 6.80 £ 6.80 6.8 GBP
Separates ball joint from steering knuckles. Forged to withstand hard usage. Corrosion-resistant plated finish. Knurled shaft ensures firm grip. Ideal for cars and light commercial vehicles.
Silverline Pipe Flaring Kit 9pce 9pce
£ 19.33 £ 19.33 19.330000000000002 GBP
Carbon steel dies with chrome-plated flaring bar and flare press. Suitable for single or double-lap flares in soft copper and aluminium pipes. Includes: flaring bar, 45° screw-type flare press, and 7 x double-flare dies: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8". Plastic storage box.
Silverline Spring Hook 153mm
£ 3.50 £ 3.50 3.5 GBP
Heat-treated alloy steel, powder-coated for corrosion resistance. Shaped, hardened tip for maximum control. Easily removes and refits springs. Suitable for brakes, headlights and many other springs. T-handle provides a secure grip.
Silverline Ball Joint Separator Short Handle
£ 6.13 £ 6.13 6.13 GBP
Separates ball joint from steering knuckles. Forged to withstand hard usage. Corrosion-resistant plated finish. Ideal for cars and light commercial vehicles.
Silverline Pry Bar 900mm
£ 13.79 £ 13.79 13.790000000000001 GBP
Square-shaped pry bar made out of hardened and tempered steel with extra long, heavy duty, hammer-through handle. Curved end for leverage. Chisel tip for prying between objects. Powder-coated for corrosion resistance.
Silverline Disc Brake Piston Spreader Tool Universal
£ 15.30 £ 15.30 15.3 GBP
Essential tool for retracting brake piston to allow insertion of new brake pads. For use on opposed-fixed and single-piston sliding calipers. Ensures parallel piston retraction, avoiding damage to piston seals. Also suitable for most ATE, Bendix, Delco and Girling calipers. Jaw capacity 88mm. Can be used with a 21mm spanner or 1/2" square drive.
Silverline Brake Piston Wind-Back Tool Double End
£ 14.02 £ 14.02 14.02 GBP
Chrome-plated, high-alloy steel. Provides quick, efficient winding back of brake pistons. Suitable for use on right-hand thread disc-brake calipers fitted to most European and Japanese cars. Includes 2-sided adaptor (32.5mm BCD x 5.8mm and 23mm BCD x 5.8mm pins).
Silverline CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Ear Type) 240mm
£ 7.62 £ 7.62 7.62 GBP
Hardened carbon steel pliers with phosphate electroplated surface for corrosion resistance. For installing clamps on fuel filters, waterpumps, cooling systems and CV boots. Suitable for all ear-type clamps. PVC handles for grip and comfort.
Silverline Tie Rod End Remover 19mm
£ 9.20 £ 9.20 9.200000000000001 GBP
Drop-forged, zinc-plated body and phosphated thrust bolt for corrosion resistance. Removes most types of Pitman arms, tie rods and ball joints. Capacity (W x D): 19 x 50mm. Jaw 19mm.
Silverline Ball Joint Puller 20mm Jaw Capacity
£ 15.83 £ 15.83 15.83 GBP
Drop-forged alloy steel. Separates ball joints on steering and suspension systems. Dual adjustment screws for wide range. For use on cars and light commercial vehicles. 20mm throat depth.
Silverline CV Joint Banding Tool 230mm
£ 10.07 £ 10.07 10.07 GBP
Carbon steel banding tool for installation and tightening of band-style clamps on CV joint boots and power steering rack and pinion steering gear boots. Built-in cutter cuts the band by flipping the tool lever forward. Large, comfortable handle.
Silverline Hydraulic Brake Hose Clamp 10 - 20mm Jaw Capacity
£ 3.61 £ 3.61 3.61 GBP
Hardened and tempered steel clamp with one-handed action for clamping hydraulic pipes such as break hoses. Vinyl-dipped handles for comfort. Electroplated finish.