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Silverline Soft Wash Brush 150mm
£ 4.07 £ 4.07 4.07 GBP
Soft bristles prevent scratching to surfaces. Curved front edge and tapered width 60mm at front to 40mm at back. Soft-grip handle.
Silverline Telescopic Car Cleaning Brush 1.07 - 1.76m
£ 18.47 £ 18.47 18.47 GBP
Telescopic flow-through brush with tough, lightweight aluminium pole. Features on/off water control and quick-connect attachment. Protective rubber bumper and soft bristle tips. For cleaning vehicles, paintwork and conservatories. Extends from 1.07 - 1.76m.
Silverline Telescopic Cleaning Brush 1.32 - 2.14m
£ 22.97 £ 22.97 22.97 GBP
Telescopic brush for all types of general cleaning tasks including cleaning vehicles, windows, conservatories etc. Double-faced removable head with soft feathered bristle tips. Standard hose fitting. Convenient water on/off switch. 2 x EVA foam rubber grips. Aluminium handle extends from 1.32 to 2.14m.
Silverline Grille & Wheel Brush 370mm
£ 5.10 £ 5.10 5.1000000000000005 GBP
Extra-long to clean into grilles and other openings. Suitable for steel and alloy wheels. Soft-grip handle.
Silverline Wheel Cleaning Brush 250mm
£ 4.36 £ 4.36 4.36 GBP
Soft bristles clean steel and alloy wheels without scratching. Soft-grip handle.
Silverline Cleaning Sponge 220 x 110 x 50mm
£ 2.28 £ 2.28 2.2800000000000002 GBP
Multipurpose sponge ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles. Vacuum packed, expands to full size when wet.
Silverline Microfibre Wash Mitt 270 x 170mm
£ 5.15 £ 5.15 5.15 GBP
Polyester microfibre flannel wash mitt. Fits comfortably on the hand for controlled cleaning and polishing of cars and other vehicles.
Silverline Silicone Car Drying Blade 300mm
£ 5.76 £ 5.76 5.76 GBP
Sweeps away water droplets faster than a cloth or sponge. Soft silicone blade flexes to follow contours without scratching. Ideal for car bodywork, showers, windows and other smooth surfaces.
Silverline Chamois De-Misting Block 80 x 125 x 45mm
£ 2.71 £ 2.71 2.71 GBP
Soft foam block with chamois cover. Quickly de-mists windows.
Silverline Synthetic Chamois Cloth 400 x 300mm
£ 3.80 £ 3.80 3.8000000000000003 GBP
Super absorbent cloth. Dries bodywork quickly, leaving a smear-free shine.
Silverline Microfibre Cloth Cleaning Set 3pce 3pce
£ 6.50 £ 6.50 6.5 GBP
Includes super-absorbent drying cloth for quick removal of water droplets, soft polishing cloth for high gloss shine, and finishing cloth to leave windscreens and mirrors streak-free.
Silverline All-Weather Car Mat Set 4pce 4pce
£ 11.42 £ 11.42 11.42 GBP
Heavy duty, non-slip, black PVC car mats suitable for cars, vans and other vehicles. Protects upholstery. Easy to clean. Includes 2 x front and 2 x rear mats.