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Silverline Oil Filter Chain Wrench 150mm
£ 9.16 £ 9.16 9.16 GBP
One-piece forged alloy tool steel handle and jaw. Features double-jaw design giving fast ratchet like action in either direction. Ideal for close-quarter work.
Silverline Oil Filter Wrench 57 - 65mm
£ 7.39 £ 7.39 7.390000000000001 GBP
Strong, steel band with corrosion-resistant coating. Durable, PVC-dipped, multi-position handle. For accessing restricted areas in engines, and gripping dirty filters without slipping. Automatically tightens as pressure is applied.
Silverline Metal Band Oil Filter Wrench 45 - 110mm Dia
£ 4.78 £ 4.78 4.78 GBP
Chrome-plated steel for corrosion resistance. Long, high-leverage handle releases stubborn filters. Dimpled steel band for enhanced grip, and shaped adjustment knob for grip and control.
Silverline Oil Filter Wrench 3-Leg 60 - 110mm
£ 7.64 £ 7.64 7.640000000000001 GBP
Tough, heat-treated carbon steel for high torque application. Rubber-coated feet for improved grip. Corrosion-resistant electro plating. Self-tightening mechanism grips filters from 60 - 110mm. For gripping filters with flat faces only. 3/8" square drive.
Silverline Rubber Strap Wrenches Set 2pce 500 & 600mm
£ 12.47 £ 12.47 12.47 GBP
Soft, non-slip rubber grips. For loosening or tightening oil filters, PVC pipes, opening jars and hose fittings. Non-marking strap will not damage fine finishes.
Silverline Fuel Line Disconnection Set 3pce 3 Sizes
£ 12.07 £ 12.07 12.07 GBP
For breaking into fuel lines and hoses fitted with quick release couplings. For use with Citroën, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Peugeot & Renault. Can be used on most vehicles.
Silverline Flexible Hose Clamp Set 3pce 3pce
£ 16.64 £ 16.64 16.64 GBP
For clamping coolant, brake fuel and vacuum hoses. 3 sizes fit most automotive hoses. Round jaw edges prevent damage to hoses.
Silverline Spark Plug Gap Tool 0.5 - 2.55mm / 0.02 - 0.1"
£ 2.45 £ 2.45 2.45 GBP
Coin-type tool with flanged hole to adjust the side wire without damaging the centre element and outer rim to measure the electrode gap. Metric 0.5 - 2.55mm, imperial 0.02 - 0.1". Solid alloy steel.
Silverline Gear Puller Set 3pce 75, 100 & 150mm
£ 21.92 £ 21.92 21.92 GBP
Heavy duty gear pullers in sizes 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. Reversible for internal or external use.
Silverline Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit 13pce 13pce
£ 15.25 £ 15.25 15.25 GBP
Removes balancers, pulleys and gears with tapped holes. A floating swivel prevents damage to the shaft end. Four slots in the yoke allow for 2 or 3 hole application. Tool bolts to balancer with centre screw on the end of the crankshaft.
Silverline Puller for Ribbed Pulleys 35 - 165mm
£ 32.09 £ 32.09 32.09 GBP
Heavy-duty carbon steel. Removes ribbed crankshaft, alternator and auxiliary pulleys. Machined precision grooves grip the pulley without causing damage. Low-profile arms for use in restricted spaces and locking bolts to prevent slipping under tension.
Silverline Serpentine Belt Tool Set 8pce 8pce
£ 30.74 £ 30.74 30.740000000000002 GBP
Chrome-plated and powder-coated carbon steel for corrosion resistance. Releases and tensions serpentine belt tensioners in confined, very tight spaces. Long-reach 585mm handle and 220mm extension. Includes extra-shallow 15, 16 and 18mm sockets and 13, 14 and 15mm crows foot spanners.