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Silverline Magnetic Parts Tray 150mm
£ 5.51 £ 5.51 5.51 GBP
Stainless steel with soft base. Adheres securely to ferrous surfaces without marking.
Silverline Magnetic Parts Tray 150 x 225mm
£ 12.78 £ 12.78 12.780000000000001 GBP
Stainless steel parts tray with rubberised, strong magnetic base. Adheres securely to ferrous surfaces without marking.
Silverline Magnetic Hi-Vis Part Trays 150mm 3pce
£ 9.71 £ 9.71 9.71 GBP
Attach to any ferrous surface, such as workbench, machinery or vehicle. Colour coding provides method of keeping small parts separated and sorted until needed. Magnetism transfers to inner surface to retain contents. 150mm dia.
Silverline Magnetic Tray Set 4pce 95 x 65mm
£ 12.94 £ 12.94 12.94 GBP
Small, stainless steel trays with strong magnets that attach to any ferrous surface. Useful for retaining small metal fixings.
Silverline Hand Magnet 11kg Capacity
£ 4.46 £ 4.46 4.46 GBP
Powerful magnet with carrying handle. For clearing/collecting nails and ferrous metals in the work area. Ideal for garages and workshops. Pull force capacity 11kg (25lb). Size: 55 x 20mm.
Silverline Magnetic Lifting Handle 45kg Capacity, 22kg SWL
£ 10.75 £ 10.75 10.75 GBP
Lifts up to 100lb (45kg). Comfortable, non-slip rubber overmoulded grip. Supplied with magnet shields.
Silverline Magnetic Tool Rack Set 3pce 200, 300 & 460mm
£ 15.96 £ 15.96 15.96 GBP
Heavy duty carbon steel. Powerful magnets hold tools securely. Includes sizes: 200, 300 and 460mm. Fixings supplied.
Silverline Magnetic Tool Tray Set 4pce 150 - 310mm
£ 34.78 £ 34.78 34.78 GBP
Heavy duty steel trays attach to any flat steel surface. Rubber contacts prevent scratches. Includes 4 widths: 150, 215, 270 and 310mm.
Silverline Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick-Up Tool 3.6kg (8lb)
£ 4.38 £ 4.38 4.38 GBP
Telescopic pick-up tool. Retrieves ferrous objects up to 3.6kg (8lb). Extends from 130 - 590mm for access to restricted spaces. Includes convenient pocket clip.
Silverline Pick-Up Tool 3-in-1 800mm
£ 7.93 £ 7.93 7.930000000000001 GBP
Multi-headed inspection/pick-up tool, with telescopic shaft, magnetic pick-up head, standard and magnifying mirror. Non-slip vinyl handle extends to 800mm. Locates & picks up small ferrous parts.
Silverline Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool 600mm
£ 8.18 £ 8.18 8.18 GBP
Robust steel construction with ergonomic non-slip plastic handle. Flexible neck allows reach into confined areas. Magnet cover keeps magnet clean. Retrieves ferrous objects up to 2kg.
Silverline Flexible Pick-Up Tool 600mm
£ 3.47 £ 3.47 3.47 GBP
Spring-operated pick-up tool. Fully flexible 600mm shaft for access in confined areas. Spring-loaded mechanism and 4 strong metal hooks.