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Silverline Foot Pump Heavy Duty Single Barrel 280cc
£ 13.64 £ 13.64 13.64 GBP
Heavy duty, rigid tough steel frame. Clear dial pressure gauge in psi and Bar. 550mm braided hose that terminates with thumb-lock valve connector. 280cc per stroke. 100psi (7bar) maximum pressure.
Silverline Foot Pump Heavy Duty Double Barrel 470cc
£ 18.49 £ 18.49 18.490000000000002 GBP
Heavy duty double-barrel pump for rapid inflation of tyres and inflatable boats. Rugged steel frame and 470cc air output with each stroke. Cylinders 50 x 120mm. 100psi (7bar) maximum pressure.
Silverline Mini Air Compressor 12V DC
£ 13.37 £ 13.37 13.370000000000001 GBP
Small compressor suitable for inflating tyres, dinghies and sports equipment. 12V/DC car cigarette lighter plug with 2.8m cable. Includes 2 x inflating nozzles and 1 x needle valve adaptor. High quality 460mm braided air hose and Schrader valve connector. Max pressure 250psi/17bar. Pressure gauge with 50mm dial.
Silverline Tyre Dial Gauge 0 - 100psi (0 - 10bar)
£ 10.92 £ 10.92 10.92 GBP
Dual reading gauge with flexible 280mm hose. Large, easy to read scale 0 - 100psi in increments of 2psi and 0 - 10bar in increments of 0.1bar. Overall length 420mm.
Silverline Tyre Tread Gauge 1 - 25mm
£ 2.57 £ 2.57 2.57 GBP
Pocket-sized gauge, provides quick, simple method of checking tyre tread depth.
Silverline Tyre Valve Repair Tool 4 - Way
£ 1.86 £ 1.86 1.86 GBP
Two thread restorers, valve core remover and reamer for repairing valve seat.
Silverline Digital Depth Gauge 0 - 25mm
£ 12.60 £ 12.60 12.6 GBP
Digital depth gauge ideal for checking tyres, brake shoes and hole depths. Clear LCD display, 0.01mm resolution. Metric and imperial modes. Measuring range 0 - 25mm. Zero button for quick re-calibration. Includes 1 x CR2032 battery.
Silverline Tyre Valve Repair Kit 14pce 10 - 50psi
£ 5.96 £ 5.96 5.96 GBP
Includes valve repair and maintenance tools in compact plastic storage box. Solves most tyre valve problems. Essential for vehicle tool kit or garage.
Silverline Tyre Valve Puller 300mm
£ 4.74 £ 4.74 4.74 GBP
Screws onto cap threads of valve, allows application of leverage against wheel rim for even pull and correct fitment of tyre valve.
Silverline Tyre Valve Core Remover 96mm
£ 1.54 £ 1.54 1.54 GBP
For quick removal or installation of tyre valve inserts. Robust steel shaft with corrosion-resistant plating. Durable plastic handle.
Silverline Tyre Repair Kit Repair Kit
£ 20.89 £ 20.89 20.89 GBP
Quickly repairs small holes in tubeless tyres for ‘off-road’ vehicles only. Also repairs tyre tubes. Includes: T-handled reamer and insertion tool, 30 adhesive sticks, rubber cement, tyre pressure gauge and repair patches.
Silverline Tyre Lever 300mm
£ 4.09 £ 4.09 4.09 GBP
Corrosion-resistant chrome-plated hardened tempered steel. Straight pattern tyre lever. Hook and taper ends.