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Silverline One-Touch Ping Bicycle Bell 80 x 100mm
£ 1.66 £ 1.66 1.6600000000000001 GBP
Quick, easy lever-action with loud 'ping'. Easily attaches to handlebars.
Silverline Cycle Lights 5 LED 2pce 2pce
£ 5.41 £ 5.41 5.41 GBP
Front light: 5 ultra-bright LEDs that shine through a special lens, lighting ahead and providing 360° degree visibility to the side. 'On' and flashing functions. Requires 4 x AAA batteries. Rear light: 5 ultra-bright LEDs with wide angle reflector for high visibility. 'On' and 6 flashing functions. Special clip can also be attached to clothing. Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Supplied with adjustable mounting brackets.
Silverline LED Clip-On Lights Set 2pce 2pce
£ 4.55 £ 4.55 4.55 GBP
Super-bright, water-resistant LED lights. 3-function (constant, slow and fast flash); 1 white, 1 red. Flexible silicone band for attaching to bikes, bags, helmets etc. Includes 2 x CR-2032 batteries per light.
Silverline Reflective Cycling Trouser Clips Pair
£ 2.53 £ 2.53 2.5300000000000002 GBP
Durable ABS trouser clips with Hi-Vis strip backing. Prevents trousers becoming caught on moving bike parts and keeps them clean. Quick and easy to fit.
Silverline Hi-Vis Reflective Stickers 36pce 36pce
£ 2.72 £ 2.72 2.72 GBP
Highly reflective stickers with strong adhesive that bonds to most surfaces. Attach to bikes, bags, clothes and many other surfaces for high visibility and extra safety. Various shapes.
Silverline Hi-Vis Reflective Sash Belt PVC 78 - 108cm (30” - 43”)
£ 4.81 £ 4.81 4.8100000000000005 GBP
Reflective belt with 50mm wide band provides high visibility after dark. Fully adjustable waist and shoulder length. Waterproof.
Silverline Front & Rear Mudguard Set 2pce 2pce
£ 3.30 £ 3.30 3.3000000000000003 GBP
Tough, flexible PVC plastic guards keep cyclist drier and cleaner during use. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Includes sizes 315 x 75mm and 520 x 85mm.
Silverline Reflector Set 2pce 2pce
£ 2.39 £ 2.39 2.39 GBP
Set of bicycle reflectors including white front reflector with handlebar mount, and red rear reflector with seat post mounting bracket. Easy to fit (fixings included).
Silverline Bike Rack 45kg / 3 Bikes
£ 46.30 £ 46.30 46.300000000000004 GBP
Convenient bike carrier holds 3 standard cycles and includes nylon bike straps, 6 x nylon mounting straps and 4 x foam pads for secure mounting. Folds away for easy storage. Compatible with most saloons, hatchbacks, vans, estates and coupés.
Silverline Puncture Repair Kit 8pce 8pce
£ 1.33 £ 1.33 1.33 GBP
Complete repair kit for dealing with unexpected punctures. Suitable for use on bicycles, wheelbarrows or sack trucks. Includes 4 x repair patches, glue, scourer, crayon and storage box for easy transportation.
Silverline Bicycle Pump 400mm
£ 3.72 £ 3.72 3.72 GBP
Large single stroke air displacement inflates bike tyres with ease. Fits Presta and Schrader-type bicycle valves. 150mm valve connector hose. Length 400mm x dia 22mm.
Silverline Plastic Ball Pump 200mm
£ 3.58 £ 3.58 3.58 GBP
Plastic barrel ball pump for inflating balls and other small inflatables. Supplied with needle adaptor.