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Silverline Plastic Ring Sizer Set 32pce A-Z & 1-6
£ 2.64 £ 2.64 2.64 GBP
Set of plastic rings consisting of the full range of UK ring sizes. Provides an easy way to confirm the correct width required. Ideal for jewellery making. Includes ring sizes A-Z and 1-6.
Silverline Battery-Powered Engraver 185mm
£ 9.20 £ 9.20 9.200000000000001 GBP
For engraving glass, ceramic, metal and wood. 1 spare tip included. 21,000rpm max. Up to 20 hours battery life. Requires 2 x AA batteries.
Silverline Butane Gas Torch 1300°C
£ 18.52 £ 18.52 18.52 GBP
Lightweight, compact refillable butane gas torch. Piezoelectric ignition and fine flame adjustment. Suitable for craft work, jewellery, model making, soldering and minor plumbing repairs. Max temperature 1300ºC. Approximate working time of 25 minutes.
Silverline Tweezer Set 7pce 7pce
£ 4.49 £ 4.49 4.49 GBP
Carbon steel. Ideal for model building, clock repairs and other delicate work. Includes straight point, straight jaw, straight jaw with cushioned grip, angled jaw, angled jaw with cushioned grip, duck bill and bent cross with cushioned grip.
Silverline Cross-Action Tweezer Set 2pce 162 / 165mm
£ 2.63 £ 2.63 2.63 GBP
Stainless steel, self-closing tweezers with heat-resistant fibre grips and serrated tips. Ideal for small soldering tasks and model making. Jaw capacity 25mm. Includes 1 x straight and 1 x 45° bent tip.
Silverline Spring Hook Set 4pce 185mm
£ 5.00 £ 5.00 5.0 GBP
Hardened steel tools for separating wire and for setting and adjusting springs. Also can be used as pick for careful removal of O-rings. Red insulated non-slip grip. Ideal for model-makers and jewellery makers. Length 185mm.
Silverline Pick/Probe Set 6pce 6pce
£ 4.14 £ 4.14 4.14 GBP
Stainless steel set of picks and probes ideal for carving and sculpturing. Includes 3 single-end picks and 3 double-end hooks.
Silverline China & Glass Markers 2pce 175mm
£ 1.92 £ 1.92 1.92 GBP
Wax pencils for making temporary marks on china, glass, metal and plastic. Easy to sharpen by peeling off tip. 1 x black and 1 x red. Length 175mm.
Silverline Universal Work Holder 24mm Jaw Capacity
£ 14.11 £ 14.11 14.11 GBP
Removable handle so head can be locked in bench vice. Ideal for small and irregular shaped objects, jewellers items etc. For filing, painting, engraving, sawing, shaping work. Includes 8 steel pins to clamp odd shapes. Jaw capacity 21mm; jaw width 50mm; handle length 115mm.
Silverline Table Vice with Swivel Base 50mm
£ 19.56 £ 19.56 19.56 GBP
Swivel base turns 360°. Cast iron frame with anvil. Steel screws and slide bar. Jaws open to 50mm.
Silverline Multi Angle Vice 70mm
£ 25.14 £ 25.14 25.14 GBP
Tough, cast alloy clamp-on table vice. 70mm rubber jaws with 50mm opening capacity. Head swivels 360° and can be angled up to 45°. Rubber table guard prevents marking.
Silverline Airbrush Hobby Kit 6pce 22ml
£ 17.83 £ 17.83 17.830000000000002 GBP
Simple, single-action trigger airbrush for general purpose hobby and model work. Variable pattern and paint flow is adjusted by the venturi nozzle. Can be powered by propellant canister or with a compressor if prolonged use is required.