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Silverline Magnifying Glass 75mm 5x
£ 2.93 £ 2.93 2.93 GBP
Lightweight plastic rim guard secures lens and prevents scratching. 75mm lens and 95mm handle. Ideal for inspection and craft tasks. 5x magnification.
Silverline Magnifying Glass 100mm 3x
£ 4.04 £ 4.04 4.04 GBP
Precision 100mm lens magnifies objects 3x with minimal distortion.
Silverline Helping Hands Lens 63mm 2.5x
£ 6.14 £ 6.14 6.140000000000001 GBP
Versatile device for holding work in a fixed position during assembly, soldering or painting. For model making, electronics and crafts. Includes 2 fully adjustable arms with croc clips and heavy duty base for stability. Lens 63mm 2.5x. H x L x W: 170 x 185 x 49mm. Weight 0.3kg.
Silverline Heavy Duty Helping Hands 60mm 3x
£ 9.58 £ 9.58 9.58 GBP
Versatile hobby tool for securing objects when soldering and for jobs that require precision. Leaves hands free. Magnifying glass with 60mm dia lens. Heavy duty cast-iron base with adjustable joints, 2 x heavy duty crocodile clips, soldering iron holder and sponge. Ideal for electronics, crafts and model-making.