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Silverline 2-in-1 Adjustable Wire Strippers 170mm
£ 5.30 £ 5.30 5.3 GBP
Lightweight and adjustable strippers suitable for wire from 0.2 to 6mm². Includes wire-cutting blade. Stripping length capacity 15mm. Length 170mm.
Silverline Automatic Wire Strippers 175mm
£ 13.30 £ 13.30 13.3 GBP
Strong, durable powder-coated steel frame. Jaw action prevents crushing or cutting even the finest wires. Single-handed, compound action grips and strips electric cables from 0.3 -8.0mm². Length 175mm.
Silverline Coaxial Cable Strippers 100mm
£ 8.28 £ 8.28 8.28 GBP
For quick and easy stripping of RG58/59/6/62/3C2V/5C2V coaxial cables. Adjustable double blades strip and remove the sheath simultaneously. Hex key is included for easy blade adjustment. Stripping capacity 4-12mm. Length 100mm.