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Silverline Drain Cleaning Tool 500mm
£ 1.58 £ 1.58 1.58 GBP
Plastic, barbed drain-cleaning tool for cleaning hairs and general waste from shower drains, bathroom and kitchen waste pipes. Very effective and avoids the need to use chemicals for waste removal. 500mm.
Silverline Wastepipe Cleaner 1.8m x 6mm
£ 3.83 £ 3.83 3.83 GBP
Corkscrew end and integrated handle. For clearing blocked waste pipes. Size 1800mm x 6mm dia.
Silverline Drain Cleaner 10m x 9mm
£ 23.04 £ 23.04 23.04 GBP
Spring wire drain cleaner for clearing blocked waste pipes. Corkscrew probe and plastic handle.
Silverline Toilet Auger 1.8m
£ 12.25 £ 12.25 12.25 GBP
Clears solid items from blocked WCs and drains. Flexible protective sleeve allows corkscrew probe to be inserted into inaccessible areas using winding action. Plastic L-shaped sleeve protects toilet bowl. Barrel head on 9mm steel spring.
Silverline Blast Wastepipe Unblocker 370mm
£ 5.06 £ 5.06 5.0600000000000005 GBP
Injects a high pressure blast of water into the waste pipe removing blockages. Fits baths, sinks and shower waste. Length 370mm.
Silverline Drain Unblocker 6m x 6mm
£ 15.22 £ 15.22 15.22 GBP
Flexible rod, equipped with straight 12mm dia auger, for clearing sinks, baths, showers and drains, as well as other small diameter pipework. The spiral rod is hand-fed into the drain out of, and back into, the rotatable plastic container, keeping it away from clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Rotating handle removes stubborn blockages. Ergonomic pistol grip.
Silverline Sink Plunger 140 x 24mm
£ 4.27 £ 4.27 4.2700000000000005 GBP
Traditional rubber plunger with 24mm dia wooden handle. Clears basins and sinks.
Silverline Large Sink Plunger 160 x 475mm
£ 7.06 £ 7.06 7.0600000000000005 GBP
Durable, easy-clean plastic plunger with large head for fast unblocking of hand basins and small sinks. Bellows design ensures excellent suction. Head detaches for cleaning. 160mm (6") cup diameter. Length 475mm.
Silverline Drain Auger 5m x 9mm
£ 9.17 £ 9.17 9.17 GBP
Strong plastic handle with spring wire and corkscrew auger probe. 9mm dia steel wire. Clears debris and fab residue from sink drains, traps and waste pipes. Can also be used to unblock other household pipes.
Silverline Drain Auger with Brush 3m
£ 4.56 £ 4.56 4.5600000000000005 GBP
Strong plastic handle with spring steel corkscrew wire and brush end. 9mm dia galvanised spring wire. Cleans debris and fat residue from sink drains, traps and wastepipes. Can also be used to clear other household pipes.
Silverline Heavy Duty Sink Plunger 155 x 500mm
£ 8.54 £ 8.54 8.540000000000001 GBP
Durable, easy-clean polyethylene, heavy duty sink plunger for fast unblocking of sinks, toilets and urinals. Bellows design ensures excellent suction. 65mm (2-1/2") cup diameter. Length 500mm.
Silverline Mini Plunger 130 x 380mm
£ 3.12 £ 3.12 3.12 GBP
Durable, easy-clean polyethylene plunger with soft-sealing lip for a tight seal. Provides fast unblocking of basins and small sinks. Bellows design ensures excellent suction. 100mm (4") cup diameter. Length 380mm.