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Plasplugs Grout Spreader
£ 5.54 £ 5.54 5.54 GBP
Plasplugs Tile Scribe (Plaspak)
£ 6.38 £ 6.38 6.38 GBP
Vitrex Tile Nippers
£ 26.33 £ 26.33 26.330000000000002 GBP
Tungsten Carbide tipped jaws for cutting and shaping wall tiles. Ideal for awkward shaped cuts around pipes, switches, sills and fittings. Soft feel handles for extra grip
Vitrex Tile Saw
£ 17.73 £ 17.73 17.73 GBP
Extra deep reinforced plastic frame for improved cutting access. Built in “quick-release” lever for fast, easy blade replacement. 150mm Tungsten Carbide blade - cuts in any direction. Outlasts conventional hacksaw blades by up to 10 times. Cutting depth of 150mm i.e. to the centre of a 300mm tile
Vitrex Tile File x2
£ 5.36 £ 5.36 5.36 GBP
Tough, aluminium oxide coating. Smooths sharp and uneven edges on cut tiles
Vitrex Grout Finisher
£ 2.55 £ 2.55 2.5500000000000003 GBP
Double ended tiling tool. Ball end produces a neat grout line. Scraper end for removing excess grout. Easy to clean
Vitrex Grout Rake
£ 5.13 £ 5.13 5.13 GBP
Tungsten Carbide grit edged blade for longer life. Durable nylon handle designed for extra grip. For removing old and discoloured grout
Marshalltown Tile Grouter 9" x 4" (225 x 100mm)
£ 22.14 £ 22.14 22.14 GBP
Moulded plastic handle. White Rubber non mark pure gum rubber face. Edges are bevelled, two front corners are rounded
Arrow Hammer Tacker T50 Staples
£ 45.32 £ 45.32 45.32 GBP
Anti-Slip rubber grip with knuckle guard helps protect hand from injury. Slim design fits easily in tool bag. Heavy duty steel construction, easy rear staple loading, removable handle pin releases magazine and to switch for left/right hand use, holds two full strips of staples, makes it an extremely versatile tacker. YOU CAN USE T50 STAPLES WITH THIS ITEM SIZES 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
SupaTool Tile Spacers 3mm
£ 2.19 £ 2.19 2.19 GBP
2 Year Guarantee
Vitrex 400mm Tile Cutter
£ 36.39 £ 36.39 36.39 GBP
400mm Steel flat bed tile cutter with simple "score and snap" cutting action. Suitable for cutting wall, floor and quarry tiles up to 400mm square and 10mm thick. Diagonal cuts possible on tiles up to 280mm square. Includes 2 Tungsten Carbide cutting wheels ø15mm (Spare wheel stored inside handle)
Vitrex Dual Grout Sponge
£ 6.38 £ 6.38 6.38 GBP
Large ‘2 in 1’ sponge ideal for cleaning and polishing tiles. Rounded edges to prevent accidental removal of fresh grout