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Rockler Ellipse / Circle Router Jig 9-1/4 - 52"
£ 110.45 £ 110.45 110.45 GBP
Durable 6mm (1/4") phenolic material. Single pivot can be locked to make circles up to 1.32m (52") diameter. Creates wide range of circles and ellipses. Comes with jig arm, jig base, two dovetail keys and two locking pivots. Minimum circle diameter 235mm (9-1/4"). Can be used with vast majority of plunge routers.
Rockler Drawer Slide Jig 1-3/4"
£ 34.38 £ 34.38 34.38 GBP
Strong, plastic door slide jig allows drawer slides to be installed quickly, accurately and easily. Sliding wedge locks slide securely into the jig. Adjustable indexing foot allows perfect repeatability. Foot can be rotated for use on top or bottom. Cut-outs in jig allow access for drill and driver bits. Maximum capacity 44mm (1-3/4").
Rockler Taper / Straight-Line Jig 787 x 197mm (31-5/8" x 7-3/4")
£ 122.86 £ 122.86 122.86 GBP
Simple, indexed angle-setting system; heavy duty, non-marking clamps and smooth sliding design for fast, easy, more accurate tapered cuts. Perfect for chair legs, table legs and more. Dual tape measures provide fast reference. Removing the mitre bar allows the jig to double as a stable, straight-line ripping jig. Jig fits snugly in any standard 10 x 19mm (3/8 x 3/4") mitre slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth push-action performance. Includes 914mm (36") mitre bar.
Rockler Shelf Drilling Jig 1/4''
£ 21.76 £ 21.76 21.76 GBP
Simple shelf-drilling jig for 6.35mm (1/4) shelf pins. Creates level and secure shelves with compact, portable construction including index pin and self-centring drill bit for easy, accurate drilling. Ideal for pre-built or site-built cabinets and includes non-slip rubber fence for use on frameless cabinets and disassembled cabinet parts. For 6.35mm (1/4) shelf supports. Includes bit and indexing pin for drilling continuous series of holes.
Rockler Rail Coping Sled 5" x 1-1/4"
£ 102.28 £ 102.28 102.28 GBP
Smooth-running phenolic resin sled ensures perfectly square coped rail ends with virtually zero tear-out. Transparent guide runs along the fence 51mm (2) above the table, to enable compatibility with most router table fences and prevent cutting into the sled. Firmly clamps rails while using router to match stiles. Sacrificial block is easily replaceable to accommodate different profiles. Maximum workpiece dimensions are W x D: 127 x 32 D mm (5 x 1-1/4).
Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig 1/4" / 3/8" / 1/2"
£ 96.35 £ 96.35 96.35000000000001 GBP
Durable MDF platform with low-friction melamine coating for easy sliding. Solid brass indexing keys ensure uniform spacing and tight finger joints. Matched with HSS router bits for precisely fitting joints. Sacrificial MDF fence face helps control tear-out. Ideal for creating coping joints for small and medium boxes and frames. Cuts 6mm (1/4"), 10mm (3/8"), and 13mm (1/2") box joints on a router table. Includes MDF platform, 2 x soft-grip knobs with mitre track hardware, 1 x sled, 1 x sacrificial fence face and 6mm (1/4), 10mm (3/8) and 13mm (1/2) brass indexing keys. Up-cut HSS router bits sold separately.
Rockler Cross Cut Sled Drop-Off Platform 603 x 254mm (23-3/4" x 10")
£ 47.05 £ 47.05 47.050000000000004 GBP
Drop-off platform for use with 13mm (½”) thick cross cut sleds. Sturdy MDF with wipe-clean melamine coating. Provides true zero-clearance support on both sides of the blade for safe, splinter-free cuts. Suitable for use with Rockler Cross Cut Sled. Eliminates small cut-offs from catching the blade and shooting across the shop. Prevents cut workpieces from falling, splitting or jamming saw throat plate. Easy to use. L x W x D: 584 x 254 x 13mm (23-3/4” x 10” x ½”).
Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled 12" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
£ 102.84 £ 102.84 102.84 GBP
Aluminium with melamine-coated MDF. Great for cutting dowels, tenon stock and small mouldings at a precise 90° angle, with little to no tear-out. Features zero-clearance support to reduce the chance of small pieces getting stuck between the blade and throat plate or falling through entirely. Holds small parts safely while machining on a router table. Can be adjusted to fit a wide range of small part dimensions. Includes table saw small parts sled, blade guard and mitre track stop. Requires mitre slot dimensions 10 x 19mm (3/8" x 3/4'').
Rockler Table Saw Thin Rip Jig 35 x 144mm (1-3/8" - 5-11/16")
£ 40.88 £ 40.88 40.88 GBP
Enables easier cutting of strips of wood. Safely cuts multiple thin strips without positioning the fence close to the blade. Reduces risk of kickback, splintering and breakage. Solid resin for durability. Ideal for edging, inlay, bent laminations and more. Low-profile mitre track clamp locks in at any point along workbench mitre track. Fits 19 x 10mm (3/4 x 3/8") mitre tracks. Adjustable from 35 – 144mm (1-3/8 to 5-11/16").
Rockler Tablesaw Cross-Cut Sled 603 x 603mm (23-3/4" x 23-3/4")
£ 251.20 £ 251.20 251.20000000000002 GBP
Sled for making cross cuts easier and safer. Makes table saw cut-offs safe and easy. Sacrificial fence provides backer for tear-out free cuts. Sturdy MDF with wipe-clean melamine coating. Easy-to-read 1/2° graduations and a hair-line indicator ensure error-free setups. Extra material allows user to cut the sled down to fit. Includes 4 x 610mm (2) pieces of 229mm (3/4") wide self-adhesive low-friction tape for smooth sliding of the platform and fence. Adjustable 90° stop. 13mm (1/2") thick. Sled measures 603 x 603mm (23-3/4 x 23-3/4").
Rockler Universal Router Base 12'
£ 61.39 £ 61.39 61.39 GBP
Acrylic base for routers. Base is pre-drilled to fit most popular routers and can easily be drilled to fit others. Two separate attachment points allowing routing 0 - 127mm (0 - 5") from the edge. Includes standard 25mm (1-3/16") guide bushing insert and screws to attach router. Accepts additional inserts for multiple size openings. 10mm (3/8") thick base with 13mm (1/2") thick reversible edge guide.
Rockler JIG IT® Concealed Hinge Drilling Guide Set 5pce 5pce
£ 95.47 £ 95.47 95.47 GBP
Template guide with integral clamp for secure attachment of guide to door. Solid steel for durability. Allows drilling of 35mm hinge cup holes with a hand-held drill, and ideal for installing hinges. Precisely locates and drills the concealed hinge cup holes on door frames - no drill press required. Featuring adjustable offsets for both frame and frameless constructions. An ideal hinge cup drilling solution for small shops and jobsite work. Allows multiple set backs (tabs) for most brands of European hinges. Includes hinge cup drilling template, clamp base, drilling shroud, stop collar, spring and hardware pack. Carbide-tipped 35mm drill bit sold separately.