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Silverline Plug Cutter Set 4pce 6 - 16mm
£ 16.86 £ 16.86 16.86 GBP
Makes perfect plugs for counter-bored holes. Achieves excellent finish when using same timber. Titanium-coated for extended working life. Sizes: 6, 8, 13 and 16mm.
Silverline Hinge Drill Bit Set 3pce 2, 2.8 & 3.6mm
£ 15.38 £ 15.38 15.38 GBP
HSS drill bits with spring loaded, knurled sleeve. Creates accurate, centred holes using hinges as template without damaging door furniture. Chamfered head fits into hinge countersunk holes for more stability when drilling. Sizes: 2, 2.8 and 3.6mm.
Silverline Rotary Rasp Set 5pce 6.35mm Shank
£ 6.02 £ 6.02 6.0200000000000005 GBP
Carbon steel rasps. For shaping, carving and finishing rough cuts. Non-clogging. For use with power drills and die grinders. Includes flat top cylinder, club, ball, tapered cylinder and cone.
Silverline Drill Saw Set 3pce 3, 6 & 8mm
£ 6.31 £ 6.31 6.3100000000000005 GBP
Drill, ream, file, rout and cut wood, plasterboard, plastic and aluminium with this 2-stage saw bit. Use the drill part of the bit to drill the starting hole, then use the milled shaft with specially designed teeth to cut the material. Quick, clog-free cutting. Titanium-coated high speed steel.
Silverline Woodworkers Glue Bottle Kit 250ml
£ 6.23 £ 6.23 6.23 GBP
250ml capacity. For use with PVA and aliphatic resins. Includes dowel, thin biscuit joint blade and wide roller applicators.