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Silverline Cutting & Grinding Discs Kit 12pce 12pce 115mm
£ 21.19 £ 21.19 21.19 GBP
Starter pack. Includes: 2 x metal cutting and 2 x metal grinding discs, 2 x stone cutting and 1 x stone grinding disc, 1 x diamond concrete/stone cutting disc, 1 x tile cutting diamond disc, 1 x crimp bevel brush, 1 x steel 65mm crimp cup and 1 x flap disc. For 115mm angle grinders.
Silverline Tungsten Carbide Grinding Disc 115 x 22.2mm
£ 11.38 £ 11.38 11.38 GBP
Extra-hard quality. For rough concrete, fibreglass, stone, tiles and brick. Also ideal for removing rust. Max speed 13,300rpm. For use with angle grinders.
Silverline Pin Spanner 30mm
£ 4.06 £ 4.06 4.0600000000000005 GBP
Hardened 4mm drive pins, 30mm spacing. Suitable for use with most angle grinders.
Silverline Adjustable Pin Wrench 15 - 52mm
£ 6.31 £ 6.31 6.3100000000000005 GBP
Fully adjustable pin wrench from 15-52mm. Stepped handle can be used as a spanner to undo nuts from 10-19mm. Can also be used as wrench to replace pins in angle grinders, bench grinders, mitre saws and circular saws.
Silverline Flange Set M14
£ 5.11 £ 5.11 5.11 GBP
Replacement flange set for use with most M14 threaded angle grinders and cutting and grinding discs. Pin-drive holes at 30mm spacing.