ALM Blade Height Spacers Two Pegs on Each Side

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    Fits FLYMO E25/E30/E38/E47/E52/E250/E300/E400, XE30/38/47/250/300/400, Easibag, Hover Compact 300/330/350, Hoverstripe RXE250/RXE300, Hovervac 3000/4000, L300, Micro Compact 300 Plus, Minimo (9633045), Minimo Plus XE, Sprinter E25/E30/E38/E250/E300/E400, Sprintmaster XE25/XE30/XE38/XE250,Turbo Compact 300/330/350/380, Turbo Compact Vision 330/350/380, Turbolite330/350/400, Vision Compact 330/350/380/350 Plus

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