Welcome to Mackay's Ironmongers website, the internet shop window for a business that has served Tarbert and surrounding areas since 1919. The shop provides a huge range of products to cover household, tools, hardware, electrical, plumbing and gardening needs. We also have a wide selection of pet food, bird seed and working dog food, as well as camping and fishing gear. Come in and challenge us to find what you are looking for. You may surprise all of us!

Mackay's are now online

After over 100 years in business, Mackay's Ironmongers are now online! We have managed to get the entire stock of one of our suppliers (around 25,000 products) available to order, for collection from our shop. We obviously can't hold everything in stock, but now you can have access to a much wider range of goods.

We know it won't be perfect, but we are really pleased with the way it looks. Follow the shop menu link above, and please give us feedback (positive or otherwise) so that we can improve things.

New normal, new shop layout

We are back open again after 4 weeks closed, and coming to terms with the new normal that I guess we will all have to become accustomed to.

For us, it means screens across the counter, as well as reduced hours. We are also having loads of fun trying to order stock, and seeing what arrives.  Our suppliers have been fantastic, and we accept that they are dealing with exactly the same issues as we all are.

The Santa pipe band!

Last Thursday evening we arranged our piping Santas and had a practice run of Auld Lang Syne in advance of this festive season.  The video was posted on Facebook and was immediately a huge hit. As of this evening it had reached around 13,500 people and we have had requests to post the Santas around the UK and further afield.  So we now have an online shop, with one product! Perhaps the start of things to come?  In any case, if you haven't seen the video, it is displayed below for your amusement.

We cut keys

Mackay's have reestablished our key cutting service, missing from the shop for a number of years. We have a huge range of blanks for both mortice and cylinder keys, with access to many more specialist keys via our supplier. There is a fixed charge of £5.00 per key, and in most cases, we can cut keys while you wait.

New tools supplier with huge range at great prices

We have just switched to a new supplier of tools.  Toolstream, the distribution company behind Toolstation, are now supplying us direct and that means a great range of tools at some really competitive prices.  We will aim to carry a lot of the hand tools in stock, as well as some powered tools, however if there is something specific you need then don't hesitate to let us know.  We are placing orders once a week (usually on a Friday) with deliveries arriving about 2 working days later (normally Tuesday morning).

Exciting new pottery

Our latest pottery delivery features a whole host of new and exciting items. Aside from a wider selection of bisque, we now have a range of stamps and silk screens that enable really detailed patterns to be created with glaze. These patterns include bird and sealife (among others), which will add a level of detail that is impossible to achieve with hand painting. Come and have a go!

Watch the video below to give you an example of the use of silk screens.

Thursday means fresh plants in stock

Its Thursday, and that means a new stock of plants ready for your garden!  We normally do a run up to our nursery supplier on Wednesday and so have a new stock most Thursday mornings.  Make sure to come soon, as the keen gardeners are very quick these days. We normally buy whatever is in season and looking nice, and if you have any special requests please make sure to let us know by Tuesday.

Seafood utensils now available

After a significant number of requests, and with the seafood festival coming up, we have finally managed to source some seafood utensils.  It seems that there is a national shortage of lobster crackers, so obviously the season to enjoy the fruits of the sea! Picks, crackers and Oyster knives are now available at Mackay's Ironmongers.

The first pots

We had a fun Thursday evening trying out the new glazes and three different designs of biscuit ware. The "Stroke & Coat" glazes are really easy to use, and should hopefully produce some good results. The photo below shows the pieces in their intermediate stage, with finished colour but no clear glaze applied. Jo tried a number of techniques for applying the glaze including sponging (to get the dappled effect on the crab mug background) as well as diluting the glaze and swirling it around the inside of the mug to get a smooth even colour.