We supply a wide range of goods covering the following areas:

Tools and fixings - Hand and power tools; nails and screws; a wide range of coated and stainless bolts and machine screws

Electrical - Cable and fittings for 240v and 12v, including shore power connectors and extension cables

Plumbing - Copper and plastic pipe; solvent weld, solder and compression fittings

Paint and painting - A wide range of water and oil based paints for wood and walls; bitumen paint for roofs

Household - Cleaning products; cooking utensils; pots and pans; dustbins and wastebins; floor mats; laundry and cleaning products

Pets - Food, treats, toys and some treatments

Garden - Plants, garden tools, wheelbarrows, watering cans

Fishing tackle - Rods and reels, as well as an assortment of lures, feathers, spinners and weights for sea fishing; crab lines and crab nets

Small household appliances - Kettles, toasters, deep fat fryers, breadmakers, air fryers, bluetooth speakers, clocks and alarms

Safety - Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms as well as fire extinguishers

Seasonal - Christmas gifts, trees, decorations