Weather, lots of it
Introducing our Tarbert weather station

One of the amazing aspects of this part of the world is the weather, and we get lots of it.  Its said that if you aren't happy with the weather on the West Coast of Scotland, just wait 5 minutes, or even that it is entirely possible to get all four seasons of weather in one day.

As keen sailors, weather is something that interests us a great deal, and so it should come as no surprise that we have our own weather station that keeps up to date records of the all important data.  Our station has been operational in Tarbert since December 2017 and providing its data to the Met Office at 15 minute intervals 24 hours a day. You can see our posted observations if you look at the Met Office site.

All the data, both current and historic, is available if you follow the Weather link on our website.  Here you will be able to find out that we have had over 2 metres of rainfall so far in 2020, and our warmest day in June was 27.3C.  The highest UV index of 9.0 was at 1pm on 23rd June - which means a burn time of between 15 to 25 minutes!

Given that the weather station is in a fairly protected part of the harbour, the recorded wind speeds give a more 'local' view, and higher wind speeds are to be expected both in the harbour entrance and out on Loch Fyne. Nevertheless, the station has recorded 40+ knot gusts when the wind is blowing in predominantly Westerly or Easterly directions.

Recently we have been able to add the Met Office 5 day forecast for Tarbert, which will provide more detail at 3 hour intervals if you click on the date.  Tidal information is based on Millport, which is our nearest free tidal station.  The latest UK synoptic chart is also available.  Hopefully this will be of use to some of you.

Weather, lots of it
Andrew Wallace
9 December, 2020
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